About Drug Store Clinics Becoming Available For You…

Nation-wide drug store chains have built basic medical testing and diagnostic services available inside their traditional drug store facilities. These are staffed with trained and experienced medical providers who are appropriately licensed.

As these drug store clinics become accepted by more consumers, small local drug stores may build in to their facilities their own drug store clinics. These would be staffed with trained, experienced medical providers who are appropriately licensed.

These facilities provide an expanding list of basic medical tests. All are provided by trained, licensed medical practitioners. Based upon results, you may be referred to doctors. You may usually purchase prescriptions onsite.

Your advice and opinions on this site will help identify services and staffing for personnel in drug store clinics will be made available for your good health, inquiries, and convenience.


Using your experiences, would you consider going to a local drug store clinic for vaccinations for you and your children?

Vaccinations available at a drug store clinic could include flu, hepatitis B, tetanus & pertussis boosters, and vaccinations required for travel.